Today Jonathan Giles merged my CSSFX Pull Request into ScenicView main branch.

I am quite satisfied with that and hope that a lot of developer will benefit from this addition.

Now what are the next steps?

  • kill CSSFX project? probably! The project would have lived only for few weeks on its own, but that’s life…
  • move CSSFX unit/integration tests into ScenicView
  • open enhancements request on ScenicView project
    • enhance ScenicView documentation with CSSFX stuff
    • modify CSSFX to manage removal of CSS (use case is when CSS are pushed/removed to manage theme colors for exemple)
    • propose ScenicView re-factorings:
      • introduce a kind of plug-in mechanism (at least clear APIs)
      • change client/modules communication with something like a simple bus with command pattern
      • change poll mechanism (ScenicView looping and asking for modifications every XXX millis) to a push one (monitored applications push interesting changes)
    • allow dynamic assignment of CSS file to a remote non resolved CSS resource

For those who want to test and cannot wait for an official build, I am providing a ScenicView jar built from the main branch after the merge: here

Do not hesitate to comment the next steps before I open the issues in bitbucket…