I really like arquillian for testing my jee projects.

Until now, when I needed to test webapp REST endpoints, I used arquillian-rest-client-api plus one of its implementation (jersey or resteasy) and my tests were being injected with a WebTarget pointing to the webapp under test like that:

public void some_test(@ArquillianResteasyResource("endpoint") WebTarget target) {

Recently in xhub4j project, to test JAX-RS components (a ClientRequestFilter & a WriterInterceptor), I needed only the webapp URL under test to build the WebTarget by myself. Arquillian is smart enought to also provide such injection via @ArquillianResource:

    @ArquillianResource URL deploymentURLAsClassAttribute;
    public void a_test(@ArquillianResource URL deploymentURLAsParameter) {
        assertThat(deploymentURLAsParameter, is(deploymentURLAsClassAttribute));
        assertThat(deploymentURLAsParameter.toString(), startsWith("http://"));